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Marcus in Retrograde | Uriah’s Orbit | The Battle of Maddox | Jace 4Ever
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Marcus in Retrograde
(Aligning Stars 1)

Dating while demi was a form of damnation.
Chase Garcia was sure of it. From people in the LGBTQ+ community who didn’t know what ‘demi’ meant, to the perfect-on-paper dates that sparked nothing, he was just getting tired. He wanted a good night’s sleep.
But the neighbor’s dog would.not.shut.up. Leaving a note for the man sparked a message board war, and still–the dog kept barking.

Creating a new life was not easy.
Marcus Romano decided it wasn’t something he’d recommend to friends–if he had any. From working to afford the insanely expensive Greenwich Village apartment to sussing out if his coworkers even liked him, he was just worn down. He just wanted to be a good neighbor.
But Pollux had decided the neighbor’s wall was a bark target, and the first notes arrived soon after.

When a neighbor is nearly mugged and Pollux does his real duty to help, Chase and Marcus call a truce. A poorly timed peek at Chase’s audio book collection, scratching in the walls, and a manic dog throw them together–literally.

Chase finds his demi-dud dating life suddenly broken, and Marcus has finally started to settle into his new life as well.

Good luck has a half-life, though: Chase is faced with his past and Marcus finds himself in retrograde…

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Uriah’s Orbit 
(Aligning Stars 2)

Uriah's OrbitUriah Orback couldn’t believe the director cast Austin Lowell in the lead.

Now he was stuck costuming Mister Candy-pop Superstar from the boy band Up Down Left Right. What a waste of time. The guy couldn’t possibly sing without autotune. Right?

Austin was beyond thrilled to get the part on Broadway. Singing was his life and after the band had fired their terrible producer, he was ready to let his real voice loose.

From the moment Austin walked into Uriah’s costume room, the pull between them is impossible to ignore. The problem was: Austin wasn’t out. Not only was he not out, he was deep in the closet and determined to stay there if he could. Uriah is willing to wait for Austin to step out of the shadow into the light–but only for so long.

But, when a someone tries to shine the light on Austin and his secret, things suddenly go very, very wrong.

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The Battle of Maddox
(Aligning Stars 3)

Battle of Maddox Robot Servant needed a new drummer.
When Grig broke an NDA, they nearly lost the trust of a good friend. Maddox ‘Doxx’ Jones and the guys fired him, and put out feelers for a new drummer.

Robot Servant needed a new drummer?
Aaron Donner was it. It was a complete shock when they asked him to join–and it was one of the two dreams he’d had since he was a kid. Blending in with the guys perfectly, there’s a joy and energy to the band and music that was clearing missing before him.

Allies for the international LGBTQ+ community, Doxx, Aaron and Robot Servant find themselves in a unique and dangerous position on a tour date in Moscow. Stepping in, they help GaGaGirls when the band gets in trouble with Russia’s highly restrictive anti-gay laws.

What happens that night changes the dynamic between Doxx and Aaron. Try as they might to go back to what they were, there’s no denying that the chemistry has changed… and there may be no going back. 

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Jace 4Ever
Coming Fall 2020